Presentation Tips


  • tidy yard (pick up fallen palm fronds, mow lawn, etc)
  • remove pool toys / creepy crawly
  • contain any pets
  • straighten outdoor furniture
  • remove any excess clutter
  • remove / hide wheelie bins, lawn mowers, hoses, wheelbarrows, etc
  • pressure clean driveway, gutters, etc


  • remove bins
  • clear away tea towels
  • clear away pet bowls
  • put away any clean / dirty dishes
  • remove any clutter from bench tops
  • remove any clutter from front and top of fridge
  • clean bench tops and floors


  • make beds (smooth sheets)
  • pick up any loose items of clothing / shoes
  • clean up any clutter from shelves, floor, bedside tables, etc
  • clear away any excess toys in children's bedrooms


  • put out clean towels
  • clean away any clutter from sink, bath, shower
  • tidy away any personal cleaning products (shampoo, bubble bath, etc)
  • clean sinks, baths, showers and floors
  • remove bins
  • lid of toilets down

Living Areas

  • pick up any clutter
  • tidy / remove kids toys
  • tidy / straighten lounge room chairs, cushions
  • put away iron / ironing board
  • clear away any cleaning products (mops, brooms, buckets, etc)

Please check all light bulbs (inside & out) are in working order.

** fresh flowers are always welcome **